Sep. 5th, 2007

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Note to self: in future, if cake mixture looks too runny to be put into loose bottomed tin, go with first instinct and line tin first. Do not blithely pour mixture into tin, place into oven and then panic five mins later when smell of semi-burnt cake alerts you to leaking cake hitting oven bottom.

I *think* I've manage to rescue it via addition of ad-hoc extra foil base to the bottom of the tin; there was only mild leakage and the foil should be capable of catching the drips until the cake seals itself. My only major worry is that in my panic I removed the cake from the oven for at least three or four minutes before I had the presence of mind to improvise the fix.

Edit: I've just turned the cake and it appears to be progressing well. It's risen a fair bit and the foil seems to have done the trick wrt stopping the drips.

Edit 2: 'Tis done! It may have taken almost an hour and twenty minutes since I first put it in the oven (exactly twice the time on the recipe), but I now have a respectable looking cake cooling in my kitchen, cooked right through and everything. There don't even seem to be any over-dry bits. Hurrah!


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