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[ profile] mrs_leroy_brown asked me to explain seven of my interests. Comment below if you'd like me to ask you about seven of yours.

experimental horse music
This is an ancient ILX meme. Somebody mistyped 'experimental house music' and it got taken up as an all-purpose obscure faux genre.

The fourth Doctor liked to offer aggressive enemies jellybabies. They rarely accepted.

Very, very tiny goths that can be carried around in matchboxes, like pet spidersA tongue in cheek genre name, originally coined by Tim Finney to describe microhouse with an especially gothic-with-a-small-g feel. The archetypal example is the Mayer/Thomas Unperfect Love mix of Phantom/Ghost's Perfect Lovers, which is basically a microhouse remix of Mahler's 7th Symphony.

signalling to mars
From Winter Holiday, my favourite Swallows and Amazons book. It's told from the perspective of Dick and Dorothea, two new characters who start the book enviously observing the adventures of the Walkers and Blacketts. After a couple of chapters, they decide to contact them using light flashes encoded in morse, which Dorothea calls 'signalling to Mars'. The Martians decode the message, send an answer, and joint adventuring ensues.

the uselessness of everything
The title of the book that the Muskrat is reading in Finn Family Moomintroll. The Muskrat is a glum soul who fancies himself a philosopher, and spends nearly all of his time lying in a hammock with his head in his book. At the end of the story the Hobgoblin magically transforms the book into one called 'The Usefulness Of Everything'. The Muskrat is not impressed.

unnatural languages
A poor quasi-pun on computer scientists' qualification of human languages as 'natural'. I'm interested in pretty much all languages, natural or otherwise, but given that programming is my job, I spend a lot more time thinking about the unnatural ones than the natural ones.

Yet another old ILXism, this time invented by Ronan, casting around for a shorthand to describe that emotional rush you feel when you first meet someone you really connect with.
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