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I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

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He's got a ferret down them gorblimey trousers.

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ale, badgers, bangface, being boring, being earnest, bosh bosh bosh, cartography, cryptic crosswords, david foster wallace, dirty crossword, disco inferno, ecstasy fuelled ambient metal, experimental horse music, folk rock without beards, folk rock without the beards, freaky trigger, free school meals, gin and juice, good attitude towards menstruation, grundys and their oppressors, hammerchapel, harry beck, having a good attitude towards menstruation, imperial russian stout, inappropriate seriousness, jellybaby?, lamb dhansak, m john harrison, maps, mason and dixon, metal crossword, microgoth, p.g. wodehouse, pinkoism, poptimism, pork pies, remaining undecided, sally free and easy, signalling to mars, snooker, sobriety, the fall, the grundys and their oppressors, the uselessness of everything, three guitars, throwing muses, two drummers, unnatural languages, vhadfhaushfc, walking tube lines, weary yet opinionated commuting, yorkshire tea, young people's dancing music
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