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Courtesy of [ profile] caramel_betty, the best (or at least, funniest) Big Brother commentary I have seen so far.
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From the page on the Mali Empire:

"Sundiata also instituted a universal constitution for the Mandinka and all subjects of his new empire. [...] He also put in place social and economic reforms including prohibitions on the maltreatment of prisoners and slaves, installing women in government circles and a system of banter between clans which clearly stated who could say what about in who."

Can this possibly be true? I mean, it looks like a simple typo that's been overelaborated by an overenthusiastic wikipedian, but I very much hope it's genuine.
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Standing on Baker Street's Westbound Circle line platforms a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the service indicator on the Eastbound platform still bore the legend 'Whitechapel and Circle Trains', despite it being over ten years since that branch of the Met got renamed. This got me thinking about the Hammersmith And City line, and what a rubbish name it has.

1. At six syllables it's far too long...
2. ...and there's no sensible abbreviation, which leads to people calling it the Pink Line, which is bobbins.
3. It's not really accurate, only skirting the city...
4. ...and even if it were, it would be too boringly descriptive.
5. There's another line with the suffix 'and City', which could easily confuse some very dim people.

I therefore propose that from this point forward it should be known in common parlance as the Hammerchapel. This has the following clear advantages:

1. It's much shorter: only four syllables.
2. It follows precedent: Bakerloo = Baker St and Waterloo, Hammerchapel = Hammersmith and Whitechapel.
3. It's accurate: all the trains go to both Hammersmith and Whitechapel.
4. It sounds funny.
5. MC Hammer's Can't Touch This could be used as its theme song.

It has been pointed out to me that Hammerking would satisfy several of these points, which is true enough. However, it falls down on point 3, the Barking service being peak hours only, and, more importantly, it sounds more like a town in Norway than a tube line.

So, remember, it's no longer the Hammersmith and City Line, it's the Hammerchapel. If enough of us start using the new name, TfL will have to bow to public pressure and use it themselves, just like their antecedents did with Bakerloo.
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Why in the name of all that is holy is Richard Ashcroft still releasing records? And more importantly, who on earth is buying them?
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It initially gladdened my heart to see this press release from TfL on Wednesday. ELL extension work to be brought forward! Proper through running from Highbury to New Cross by 2010! EIGHT trains an hour! Mr Livingstone fully understanding the needs of Islington residents such as myself to visit [ profile] atommickbrane and [ profile] mrs_leroy_brown in New Cross! Hurrahs all round! Yet after a bit of close reading I was left with a medium-sized qualm about the plans.

Warning: transport geekery within )
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I've spent a fair chunk of this morning reading this ILM thread about new-not-quite-dance people, MSTRKRFT. Leaving aside the worrying PRML SCRMesque splng, the thread is probably not worth reading in full. It's mostly the same old indie-dance vs dance-purist arguments rehashed around a new band.

So, anyway, here's the thing: despite never having heard these chaps, I am fairly sure I'll hate them. It's all about the dancing )

I suppose this all serves as an apology for my becoming a dance snob. It's really not about hating fun, it's about 'fun' things sometimes not being fun. I want dance music I can dance to, not pogo to.
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In case you missed Lord Sukrat's announcement yesterday, [ profile] poptimists now has a sister community by the name of [ profile] fooptimists for poptimist style discussion of all things World Cup and football related.
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Except that they don't. Maybe.

I was going to write an entry wondering how on earth the Brazilian football team maintain their unusual levels of popularity among fans from other countries. Is it memories of amazing sides past? Is it Ronaldinho's cheeky grin? Or is it because of complex socio-economic factors and/or patronising Western views of plucky poor kids playing barefoot on the beach?

But after reading a fair bit of criticism, both pre and post last night's match, it increasingly looks like your average punter is starting to get sick of the media's sycophantic coverage of Brazil. It remains to be be seen whether this will translate over time into actual dislike of the team, or even ambivalence towards them, but it might just be the first step on the road towards Manchester United style hatred.

So, as is traditional, a poll:

[Poll #747774]
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Hello folks. I appear to have a free subscription to the London Review of Books going spare. Given that my current subscription was given to me by [ profile] puffinry via an open LJ offer, it seems only fair to offer the free one to you lot in the same way. So, first to comment gets it.
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Geoff Boycott has just complained that the Sri Lankan bowling attack "wouldn't frighten me mum". Ladies and gentlemen, summer has arrived.

Edited for further classic commentary:

Blowers: "This Cook plays like he doesn't want to get out. Almost Boycottian."
Boycott: "And that's a good thing..."
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Just to let those of you who don't read NTK know, the (in)famous Inspector Morse rave episode (official title Cherubim and Seraphim) is being reshown on ITV tomorrow at 1505. Highly recommended viewing, if only for the immortal (and much sampled) line: 'it's a RAVE, Lewis!', as uttered by old Endeavour himself.
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[Poll #679297]
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In case you don't already know, Double G And The Traitorous Three now have a (very minimal) website. If you have no idea who or what I'm talking about, see my previous entry about failing to go and see them. Since then, I have seen them, at the lovely Luminaire, where they were under-rehearsed, messy and utterly ACE.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you [ profile] morehardcrew, [ profile] poptimists' loved up, monged out and score-knowing little sibling.
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This is just ridiculous: wikipedia includes spoiler warnings when discussing a Borges short story.

I'm not 100% anti people being careful about spoilers. Having watched enough serial TV, I know full well how annoying it can be when someone gives away what happens next because it's already been shown on Sky/Torrented/they know the scriptwriter etc. So, y'know, fair enough.

Except that in this case it's an encyclopedia entry about a particular short story. There's no massive over-arching narrative; it's one self contained piece. If you look it up, you must surely expect the article to contain some plot information? While it's hardly a gripping tale, you can't talk about it sensibly without mentioning that (oh noes) Uqbar turns out not to exist - the article ceases to make much sense without the stuff enclosed between the spoiler warnings. You wouldn't expect a normal piece of criticism to have eg 'SPOILER WARNING: in discussing Jane Austen's attitudes towards the economics of marriage we may accidentally give away that Darcy and Elizabeth GET MARRIED...oh bum' at the front, so why do the plot obsessed geeks of wiki-land feel the need to warn us in big letters that a discussion of a short story might possibly just give away what happens in it?

Bah, ignore me. I'm just a grumpy old git overreacting to being patronised. If I'm not careful, I'll start talking about dumbing down soon.
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So, last night, I have the flu and my face hurts and so on, and I have two separate birthday engagements to attend which I've had to cancel on because of infectiousness and general lack of any energy whatsoever. At about 6pm I discover that the Shortwave Set are playing at the Windmill later. This would merit no more than a shrugged 'so what?' except that it's rumoured that Green Gartside will be supporting them. Which seems very unlikely, the truth of this rumour, because he hasn't done a live gig in like 20 years and if he was suddenly going to start again, well, why now, and why supporting the SS? I um and ah, and consider the possibilities, and settle on staying at home. A trip to Brixton would surely lay me even lower and make my face hurt even more and if I go all that way and it is just a rumour, which it *must* be, thinking about it, I will be extremely annoyed. So, I don't go.

Well, it turns out the rumour was true, the GG in Double G & The Traitorous Three really was Green and here's a photo to prove it. )

OK, so he is looking a bit ropey, and kind of worryingly indie-rock with the beard and guitars and T-shirts, but still: GREEN GARTSIDE!

Fvck my fvcking flu, fvck it to HELL.
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I've just seen Kristin Hersh play a gig. All Throwing Muses songs. Fifth song played was Finished.
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Three things:

1. I've had the new Arab Strap album on repeat for the last couple of days. It's easily the best thing they've done. Aidan has found wuv and is grudgingly optimistic about it. All still partially cloaked in a fug of stale beer and last night's used condoms of course but he's positively joyous in places. Hell, he even SINGS for most of it.

2. Listened to Seamonsters this morning and am now unreasonably excited about seeing The Wedding Present next week. I hope they'll be as good as they were the last time I saw them, at the late lamented Duchess in Leeds. In 1993. Argh.

3. As noted in [ profile] catsgomiaow's poll, my favourite Xmas song right now is No Xmas For John QuaysLittle Drummer Boy. What I didn't say is that this is almost entirely due to Low's uber-indie slo-core version of the song.

It appears that November has made me come over all indie. And with no Poptimism on the horizon to cure me either. Help!
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Shiny new hits, dusty singles you'll greet like old friends, R&B, teen pop, eurodisco, electro, bubblegum novelties, sellout hip-hop and maybe a hint of indie too.

Last one for a bit at the Polar Bear! Featuring special guest star djs [ profile] katstevens and Robster alongside the motley crew of regulars! Likely to include drinking, dancing and waving the pop/indie sign around! Come along, it's going to be great!
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